Your Body Is the Ultimate Weapon

Your Body Is the Ultimate Weapon

Learn how to deter bullies and attackers in our Pearland, TX self-defense class

You hear stories about dangerous encounters on the news almost every day, and it’s getting difficult for you to trust others and feel safe in new or unfamiliar environments. If you’re worried about your personal security and your ability to defend yourself, a self-defense class at Forged Warrior Martial Arts & Fitness in Pearland, TX may be a just what you need.

We offer night classes for adults and night and after-school programs for children ages 4 to 13. We’ll teach children how to deal with bullies and to defend themselves in public places.

We also offer traditional martial arts classes, which are based on self-defense techniques.

Just dial 281-702-3356 to find out about our self-defense class schedule.

3 great reasons to take a self-defense class

Martial arts and self-defense classes are useful for more than just your personal safety. Here are several ways you can benefit from martial arts/self-defense training:

  1. Become more aware of your surroundings
  2. Be prepared to face potentially dangerous situations
  3. Gain confidence in yourself and your abilities

You can count on Forged Warrior Martial Arts & Fitness to train you in ways to better defend yourself.