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Rise Above The Competition

Get Sports Performance Coaching in Pearland, TX

Everyone has different goals when it comes to participating in organized sports. Some want to stay in shape, and others play just to have a good time. Maybe you see yourself standing on a podium, receiving a highly coveted medal or trophy for your achievements in the sport. To get to this level, you must dedicate a significant amount of time to training, building on your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses. Forged Warrior Fitness in Pearland, TX offers Sports Performance Coaching to help you become the athlete you want to be.

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Why Choose Sports Performance Coaching?

Training with a coach can help you take your sports skills to the next level. Here are a few reasons to train with a performance coach for your sport:

  • Receive a level of personal attention you wouldn't get on your school or club team
  • Improve your chances of getting an athletic scholarship
  • Work toward the professional level in your sport

Work with a dedicated coach at Forged Warrior Martial Arts & Fitness to enhance your athletic skills. Our sports performance training programs focus on building the foundation for athletic development. Advance in the strength, power, agility, and skills necessary to reach your greatest success.

Our Sport-Specific Coaching:

Our coaches have many years of experience training high school and college athletes in various sports. Training sessions are offered for individuals or small groups. Each session will be formatted as a coaching clinic which focuses on assessing the athlete's needs for progress and areas of improvement. These sessions will be based on developing the technique and skills necessary to achieve the desired goal. To reach their full potential, athletes will be expected to follow prescribed training programs outside of each session on their own time.

Track and Field - Throwing

  • Sessions will focus on training strength, power, and agility with actual on-the-field throwing.
  • Throwers under our coaching have seen much improvement in their distances throughout each season. We strive for a minimum of 10% increase in personal bests each year with many athletes progressing much past this.
  • Our athletes have become district champions, conference champions, and even Junior Olympic qualifiers.
  • We currently train two javelin throwers, two hammer throwers, one discus thrower, and one shot put thrower to compete at the national level.

Football: Offensive and Defensive Lines

  • Sessions will focus on position technique, formations, and on-the-field knowledge.
  • Linemen under our coaching have become all around better players by focusing on specific game time tactics and gaining practical experience.
  • Our athletes have earned starting positions and eventually moved on to play at the collegiate level.